Finding effective and efficient ways to clean your home and car can at times be a

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trial and error process.  Finding the time frame that works with your schedule, so that you can even include the deep cleaning can be trial some.  But there is hope and a way to do all that you need to do to keep your home spic and span and tidy.


Including all that a clean home or car requires in your cleaning regimen, is necessary for you to feel accomplished and comfortable with all your hard work.  Keeping those tile floors cleaned right down to the grout or getting right down to the dirt and grime in your mobile detailing for you car is a pain .  What I do mean, you may ask?  You want to not only get the surface areas of your home, but also the deep corners that tend to be overlooked or forgotten, or left for those ”I’ll get later” moments. You want to have all your needed household tasks done for the week, so that your time can be spent in more important ventures.


Getting the surface along with the nitty gritty is achievable.  What do I mean by nitty gritty?  From the inside of your cabinets to your floors, should have an opportunity to be deep cleaned on a weekly or monthly basis.  Below here are some methods that you can incorporate in a daily cleaning regimen, that wont be any additional work, nor added stress:


The No More than 7 Rule:


Rule:  Have on your “To Do” List no more than Continue reading Cleaning

Rolling in Style

IMG_2931Sometimes you just have to splurge and enjoy even if it costs some money you may not really want to spend. There are times in life that are really special and pulling out all the stops to make it the best is probably a really smart thing to do.

If you have a special someone in your life doing things like this can rally keep the sparks popping and help spice up the relationship.

How many days do we get to just sit back and let someone else take care of things? Most of us probably don’t remember the last time that really happened. We are so busy taking care of jobs, family, health and property we sometimes loose site of the joy that we can have in small things as well as large.

Taking a really nice limousine to a great place along with that special person in your life can make a nice time more than great. Sure, you both probably have gone out on the town to some really great venues and restaurants many times but how often is it when you can really focus on each other the whole time without thinking about traffic, parking and all the hassles that can come with travel?

Also, the limos today are often something a lot more than a town car or simple stretch. The things being built in to them today are mind blowing. The sound systems with subwoofers and lighting systems can be like taking a space ship with all the really fun gadgets and things.

These limos now are rolling offices with wifi available and ports to connect your personal mp3 player so you can enjoy your favorite tunes and broadcasts from your personal playlists. LED flat screen TV’s bigger than what mama had are pretty typical now a days. It ain’t your fathers Buick anymore!

One of the great things about the desert south west is the warm dry weather. The snow birds understand this and flock here every fall to enjoy winters that really aren’t winter at all. Can you call 75 degrees F in December winter? Well no I don’t think so! There BBQ there outside for the holidays and sit around pools sipping the kind of drinks you sit around the pool while the folks up north huddle around the heater vent, well maybe not really but you get the point.

But come summer they fly back north to miss the nuclear furnace the summers are here. But most think the winters more than make up for the summers. They would rather shovel sunshine instead of shoveling snow they say. Makes perfect sense to me.

So if you find yourself wanting to make a really special time some winter (or summer) day try taking a limousine instead of the car. I can really recommend the best limo service in Mesa, AZ since they are a great company from the southwest and really have a nice fleet of limos to fit your mood and number.

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Made With Love By: FMC

Quote: “Nothing is so good as it seems beforehand.” ~George Eliot

So to change it up a bit, here is a true life story – Not even fast food service could save this!

It was an early summer afternoon, and I, newly married, was contemplating what to make for dinner.  I have run out of all my signature recipes: lasagna, tacos, burritos and the like.  So I needed to be creative and wow my husband’s taste buds.  Since he loved everything about me, why not allow this meal made from my loving hands and heart to increase his love ten fold.

After a scratch paper full ideas and cookbooks on the kitchen table, I came up with the idea to make a chicken soup.  Not just any chicken soup, though. It was going to be healthy, hearty and smell delicious. The ingredients were going to be surprising yet tantalizing. The aroma intriguing and invigorating, he’ll have to crave more than one bowl.

Brussle Sprout DisasterChicken of course should be of the utmost importance. After all, it was going to be a chicken soup.  Green Beans, carrots and corn would be a wonderful way to add color.  Adding rice will give the starch, and that ‘stick to your ribs’ feeling.  For the signature ingredient, though I have never in my life cooked with before, was going to be Brussels sprouts.  Yes, the small cabbage looking vegetable, that I’d imagined being the signature touch to my masterpiece of a meal.  Like for instance, edible flowers to a wedding cake.

The aroma of the broth had started to Continue reading Made With Love By: FMC

Pests and Controlling Them

The desert Southwest has no shortage of wildlife. Despite it being arid and dry with excessively high temperatures the abundance of life in the desert is astounding. There are a particularly a great number of pests that nobody wants in their house. Cockroaches survive here as they do everywhere seemingly without any effort. One of the scariest looking creatures to crawl on the earth is abundant in the Southwest desert. The bark scorpion. While they may not always be deadly with their sting it is definitely something you do not want to experience. Not only are there a great number of bark scorpions in the desert southwest and specifically in the Phoenix Arizona area with its large population there are also a great number of black widows. Neither of these pests or something the typical home owner wants to see around his house. Therefore it is not uncommon to see a lot of pest control company trucks driving around the suburbs of Phoenix trying their best to keep these past at bay.


No doubt many a housewife has jumped out of her shoes at the site of a bark scorpion in the house.. We have known people with small children that have had such a bad problem with scorpions that they actually had to move out of that house and find a house that had no problem with scorpions. They were too afraid to allow their children to succumb to a scorpion sting. It is very understandable because for a young child he can be a much more damaging experience and potentially it could be life threatening.


So these little bugs cause a lot of business to be done in the Phoenix area. They seem to Continue reading Pests and Controlling Them